A0 scanner image quality

When you order a Rowe scanner, you get the best image quality. Details in your drawings play an important role for an efficient workflow with zero mistakes. Where most competitors limit their scanners to 600 dpi, Rowe scanner outperforms these with 2400 x 1200 dpi. Thanks to the patented Scan Matrix technology Rowe is the leading brand for image quality and speed.

Rowe Selected True Light

The Rowe scanner provides superior lighting due to double lens technology, top quality LED and the optimal connection with the sensor. This leads to superb image quality.

Rowe Pro Logic

The Rowe scanner can improve low quality drawings into perfect scans. Simply press the green button. Rowe Pro Logic is a document enhancement technology especially suitable for digitising old archives.

Rowe colourmanagement

The extensive colourset of the Rowe scanner supports far more colours than just the standard RGB. More colours enriches the image quality of the scan.

Product overview