Rowe EcoPrint i4

The Rowe EcoPrint i4 offers the same image quality, technology, connectivity and software solutions as the i6, i8 and i10 EcoPrint large format printers. In terms of printspeed the Rowe EcoPrint i4 is the entry model. Suitable for low to medium printvolumes at superior image quality. We can connect the Rowe EcoPrint i4 with a A0 Scanner. For a fully integrated MFP solution you can also add an online folding machine.

Important product features of the Rowe EcoPrint i4:

  • » superior image quality 1200 x 600 DPI
  • » patented technology to replace quickly the 2 media rolls
  • » easy to use touchscreen display plus Rowe APP center
  • » Print security (pincode large format printing)
  • » Superspeed USB 3.0
  • » MFP solution with a Rowe scanner

The Rowe EcoPrint i4 has a printspeed of 4 meters per minute. Via the media input slide you can easily replace your mediarolls. For extra productivity we recommend to look at the more powerful EcoPrint i6, i8 of i10.

Rowe EcoPrint i4 characteristics:
» product ID: RM5000/01/01/100SR
» product group: Large format printer A0
» product name: Rowe EcoPrint i4
» papersize: width 914 mm <> 36 inch
» speed: 4 meters per minute
» image quality: 1200 x 600 DPI
» media rolls: 2 (upgrade possible to 3)
» price: € 15.500,- excl. VAT

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