Rowe EcoPrint i10

The Rowe EcoPrint i10 is our most productive A0 printer. A turbo speed with maximum 10 meters per minute. Full of technologic features to deliver high quality prints with a better workflow. Modern technology such as the print cockpit, APP center, patented mediareplacement techniques, auto crop and V power deliver all ease you need for your large format drawings.

Most customers combine the Rowe EcoPrint with a Rowe Scan 450i and Rowe online folding machine. The full solution provides you a revolutionary high productivity A0 MFP.

Important core specifications of the Rowe EcoPrint i10:

  • » superior image quality 1200 x 600 DPI
  • » patented technology to replace quickly the 4 or 6 media rolls
  • » easy to use touchscreen display plus Rowe APP center
  • » Print security (pincode large format printing)
  • » Superspeed USB 3.0
  • » MFP solution with a Rowe scanner

The Rowe EcoPrint i10 has a printspeed of 10 meters per minute. Via the slides you can easily insert and eject 4 to 6 media rolls. For cost savings you would rather look at the EcoPrint i4, i6 or i8.

Rowe EcoPrint i10 characteristics:
» product ID: RM5000/01/02/300SR
» product group: Large format printer A0
» product name: Rowe EcoPrint i10
» papersize: width 914 mm <> 36 inch
» speed: 10 meters per minute
» image quality: 1200 x 600 DPI
» media rolls: 4 (upgrade possible to 6)
» price: € 25.500,- excl. VAT

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