A0 scanner for CAD conversion

When you intend to convert your scan into a CAD file we recommend to use a high resolution. The Rowe A0 scanner delivers optimum image quality that you need to be able to make a perfect 1:1 CAD file. With a image quality reach of 2400 x 1200 dpi Rowe delivers your perfect scan and speeds up your workflow. Benefits for CAD conversion:
  • » automatic deviation correction
  • » high precision
  • » Scan Matrix technology for technical drawings
  • » top quality LED with dual lens technology
  • » turbo speed
You can buy or rent a Rowe scanner to digitise your archive. The CAD conversion can be done with these perfect scans. Our engineers in Holland and India can support you with:
  • » A0 scan + automatic CAD conversion
  • » A0 scan + manual heads up vectorisation to CAD files (+ layers + revision)
  • » A0 scan + manual heads up vectorisation to GIS files (+ georeferencing + layers)

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