A0 scanner for art digitisation

Scanning graphic designs or art means you enhance best in class image quality. Each detail needs to be precisely captured. You cannot afford colour differences or deviations. We recommend you to buy or rent a Rowe A0 scanner. Made in Germany. Rowe is technological market leader for A0 scanners in terms of speed, image quality and colour management. The perfect choice for scanning art posters. The A0 scanner has a horizontal document feeder so the art does not bend.

The Rowe scanner digtizes at a maximum image quality of 2400 x 1200 dpi. Thanks to the patented Scan Matrix technology Rowe is the leading brand in terms of image quality and speed. The Rowe scanner provides superior lighting due to double lens technology, top quality LED and the optimal connection with the sensor. This leads to superb image quality. You better digitise art with Rowe.

Rowe colourmanagement

The extensive colourset of the Rowe A0 scanner supports far more colours than just the standard RGB. More colours enriches the image quality of the scan. For art publications this is of major importance.

Product overview