Rowe A0 folding machine

The Rowe folding machine is a modular system where you can upgrade the offline folding machine to an online folding machine. This patented technology is unique as you can select your desired input:

The Rowe folding machine enables you to choose what kind of folding process fits best to your team. Regardless manual or automatic input, the Rowe Variofold machine delivers high speed, folding perfection and maximum workflow efficiency. The product specs:

  • » folding speed max. 20 meters per minute
  • » compatible to Rowe A0 printers and other brands (e.g. HP plotters)
  • » manual input or online integration to your plotter
  • » precision & perfection
  • » durability
  • » ergonomic height adjustable floorstand
  • » small size
  • » silent
  • » multiple folding programs
  • » unsupervised folding with Variofold monitoring

Online folding machine

As online folding machine the Rowe Variofold delivers the greatest value added. Gain maximum productivity with the all-in one Rowe MFP with the following devices in the total solution:

Contact Scanner Rent for more information about the A0 folding machine and other large format equipment. We gladly present to you all product features by presenting to you a demo.

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